3 Threats to Hospitals—and What America’s Frontier State is Doing to Overcome Them

by Jeffery Adler, Managing Director

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Wyoming may be part of the nation’s frontier healthcare market, but the state is a reminder to hospital leaders everywhere of the challenges all hospitals face, no matter the level of sophistication or setting. It’s unmistakable: we’re all grappling with post-COVID’s three-headed monster of workforce shortages, externalities, and financial pressures. I was pleased to host […]

Key Takeaways from the 2023 AHA Leadership Summit, featuring Bill Gassen, Judy Rich, and Jamie Orlikoff

Three years after the introduction of a pandemic that left the world forever changed, American healthcare continues to wrestle with its ripple effects. Veralon VB-E (formerly iProtean, now part of Veralon) was proud to host a panel discussion on the Top 3 Headwinds Facing Healthcare Today at the 2023 AHA Leadership Summit in Seattle. The […]

iProtean is now part of Veralon

We are thrilled to announce that iProtean, the health care industry’s top virtual board education company, has been acquired by Veralon Partners Inc. (Veralon), a leading national health care consulting firm specializing in strategy, M&A, financial planning, business valuation, and provider compensation. This continues to be a time of rapid change and evolution in the […]

An Innovative Solution: LEAN Six Sigma in Healthcare

What happens when you bring wisdom from outside of healthcare into your organization? One New Hampshire CEO is thinking outside of the box and testing this out. Tom Mee, CEO of North Country Healthcare, is standardizing quality of care across the four facilities that make up his healthcare network by standing up a LEAN Six […]

Partnering to Remain Independent

LMH Health is celebrating 101 years of independence and plans to keep things that way. We want to congratulate CEO Russ Johnson and his board for formalizing their new strategic clinical partnership with the The University of Kansas Health System! In this new series, Preparing for Strategic Partnership, Russ walks us through the various considerations […]

iProtean, now part of Veralon’s Education Session at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

SAN ANTONIO, TX – This year at the 2023 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, iProtean, now part of Veralon hosted an education session on Navigating the Top 3 Threats Facing America’s Rural Hospitals. Our 3 panelists, the iProtean, now part of Veralon team, and over 300 attendees, rolled up their sleeves for interactive breakouts […]

2023 High-Impact Initiatives: Emerging from the Crisis

Leaders of hospitals and health systems face an array of difficult challenges as they move into 2023. In light of the challenges providers face, the Veralon team has identified high-impact initiatives that may help systems turn the corner for a brighter 2023.   Briefly, the challenges include: Weakened balance sheets that limit capital available for […]