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by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
Healthcare Headlines Podcast

Veralon is delighted to launch this short podcast where Daniel Grauman, Managing Director & CEO, reviews major healthcare headlines and news stories, and what you need to know. Welcome to this first episode, which will be followed by regular episodes every month. Stay tuned for Episode 2! Listen below, or click the icons to listen […]

AHLA Podcast: Considerations for Integrated Physician Enterprise Performance

by Rudd Kierstead, Director

Health systems are beginning to address the many issues that come with the physician enterprise. Rudd Kierstead, Director, Veralon, speaks with Victoria Sheridan, Counsel, Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Atlantic Health System, about some of the motivating issues, key factors, and main goals related to integrating the physician enterprise. They also discuss issues related to governance […]

The History of Medicare and its Implications on Consolidation

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO

The introductory course of this 4-part series dives into the growth of Medicare and its financial implications. How has Medicare’s evolution driven consolidation in healthcare and what does that mean for the hospital industry today?   Learn how to access the full video and subscribe to our virtual board education services at If you […]

Are There Physician Compensation Gaps Between Academic and Community Physicians?
The Surgical Specialties (Part 2)

by Karin Chernoff Kaplan, Managing Director

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Part 1 of this blog revealed that the increased blending of academic medical center and non-academic providers in the same health systems has led to compensation increases in the academic setting that outpaced those in the non-academic setting, for non-surgical specialties. We found the size of the difference in compensation between academic and community non-surgical […]

The Value-Based Care Journey

by John Harris, Managing Director
and Molly Johnson, Consultant

The shift from volume to value is often referred to as a journey because it requires time and significant changes. In the first course of this 4 part series, John Harris, Managing Director at Veralon, discusses the Shift from Volume to Value. Learn how to access the full video and subscribe to our virtual board […]

Board Composition & Diversity

The competencies your board needs are continually evolving. Karma Bass, CEO of Via Healthcare Consulting, provides guidance on the changing expectations and how to achieve a diverse and effective board.   Learn how to access the full video and subscribe to our virtual board education services at If you are already a member, log […]

“Why Can’t We Pay Locum Rates to Our Physicians?” 3 Things Leaders Should Know

by Richard Chasinoff, Director
and Kelvin Polanco,, Manager

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In Latin, locum tenens means “holding the place.”[1] The term was first used in medieval times to describe the use of clergy to temporarily staff Catholic churches when priests weren’t available. In healthcare, locum tenens emerged in the 1970s as a way to describe the use of temporary physicians in rural markets where local physicians […]

Elevate your Organization’s Strategic Planning Approach

by John Harris, Managing Director
and Meredith Inniger, Principal

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Strategic planning is not a new concept in healthcare, but the practice is constantly evolving with the industry. Each organization needs to develop a planning process that fits its internal culture and process, building off the fundamentals of strategic planning. The graphic below showcases the healthcare strategic planning process and its four major activities. This […]

Why It May Be Time for Health Systems to Restructure their Physician Enterprises

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
and John Harris, Managing Director

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The median loss per physician employed by a hospital or health system totaled more than $249,000 in 2023. Now, as hospitals face their biggest financial crisis ever, hospital leaders must consider: “Is there a better structure for our physician enterprise?” The pain points that hospitals and physicians experience under an employed physician enterprise model are […]