An Innovative Solution: LEAN Six Sigma in Healthcare

What happens when you bring wisdom from outside of healthcare into your organization? One New Hampshire CEO is thinking outside of the box and testing this out. Tom Mee, CEO of North Country Healthcare, is standardizing quality of care across the four facilities that make up his healthcare network by standing up a LEAN Six […]

Partnering to Remain Independent

LMH Health is celebrating 101 years of independence and plans to keep things that way. We want to congratulate CEO Russ Johnson and his board for formalizing their new strategic clinical partnership with the The University of Kansas Health System! In this new series, Preparing for Strategic Partnership, Russ walks us through the various considerations […]

New Compliance Series: Does your hospital have a robust compliance program?

This course series provides a general overview of the regulating bodies and regulatory concepts that impact healthcare. Kale Sopoaga, Chief Compliance Officer, Privacy Officer, and Risk Manager at Montage Health describes what makes for an effective compliance program and the role the Board plays in ensuring proper oversight.

Leading Resiliently: A Conversation with Rick Pollack

iProtean, now part of Veralon CEO, Jeffery Adler, sits down to discuss the future of healthcare through the lens of Rick Pollack, President and CEO of the American Hospital Association. Their conversation touches on Rick’s personal journey, the lessons learned from the pandemic, key issues facing hospital trustees and leadership today, as well as Rick’s […]

Culture of Healthcare with Dr. Brian Wong

In this 6-part series, Dr. Brian Wong, physician, trustee, and CEO of the Bedside Trust discusses the definition of “culture” and how it pervades all levels of the healthcare organization. He challenges hospital leadership to examine the culture of their organization by asking themselves the question, “What business are we in?” Drawing from his experience […]

Epidemic Leadership Series with Larry McEvoy

From the bedside to the board room, Larry McEvoy discusses the challenges leaders inherently face, such as always trying to do more with less, and introduces the “formula” to achieve “high-capacity leadership”. He provides real-life examples of how board members and leadership can be elevated to lead epidemically, and transform their organization to become more […]