Why is Kaiser/Geisinger Such a Big Deal?

by John Harris, Managing Director
and Danielle Bangs, Principal

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A colleague asked, “Why is the Kaiser/Geisinger announcement such a big deal? There have been a lot of mega mergers.” An excellent question. This was more than just a $95B insurer/health system acquiring a $7B one. Here’s why: Kaiser Permanente has long been recognized as an iconic leader in value-based care, but they have largely […]

Anatomy of a Deal Series No. 5:
After the Deal Is Over: What Hospital Integration Looks Like

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO

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The devil is in the details. A year after the merger of Independent Hospital (IHX) and Regional Health System (RHS), the work of integrating these facilities is still underway. Some aspects of integration, such as reviewing group purchasing contracts, food services agreements, opportunities to consolidate back-office functions and more, have been relatively easy to complete. […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 4: Finding the Right Partner During COVID-19: 3 Considerations for Hospitals

by Scott Stuecher, Manager

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As hospitals rethink their approach to care delivery during the pandemic, many also are weighing whether partnership is needed. Now is a good time for leaders to consider: What would make an ideal partner? Even as hospitals face extreme financial pressure following COVID-19, some independents are finding that their financial standing may not be as […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 3: How Does Your Independent Hospital Stack Up? Conducting a Self-Analysis

by J. David Robeson III, Principal

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As hospital revenue shrivels amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time for independent hospitals to look in the mirror to determine how they stack up. Conducting a self-assessment isn’t just a useful approach for evaluating your organization’s capacity to survive the financial turmoil wrought by the pandemic. It’s also critical for recognizing what your organization brings […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 1: Should Your Hospital Remain Independent? 5 Key Considerations

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
and Scott Stuecher, Manager

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COVID-19 delivered a gut punch to the outlook for not-for-profit hospitals in 2020, moving from a “stable but delicately balanced” outlook this past January to a negative outlook in late March due to the rapidly evolving pandemic. While independent hospital leaders have always needed to keep a careful eye on their organization’s ability to remain […]

Address “Sacred Cows” to Get Past COVID-19 Shock

by Mark J. Dubow, Director
and John Harris, Director

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Every organization has sacred cows. The financial challenge from COVID-19 calls for large scale improvements. This has emboldened our clients to address sacred cows, making tough changes that were unthinkable a few months ago.  The time to act is now! Sacred cows to consider include: Underperforming Assets: Every organization has some assets that perform significantly […]

Hospital M&A Series Intro: Contemplating Your Healthcare Organization’s Future in a COVID-19 Environment

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO

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Intro to M&A Blog Series: As healthcare organizations brace for financial losses stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, some will have a harder time weathering the storm than others. It’s a predicament that could propel some not-for-profit hospitals and health systems into partnerships in 2020 and beyond. Just months ago, experts thought hospital and health system […]

Merging for Value: 4 Key Benefits from the Beth Israel Lahey Health Merger

by Scott Stuecher, MHA, Veralon

Healthcare megamergers are picking up steam, with the merger of Aurora Health Care and Advocate Health Care completed in 2018 and the merger of Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health (now CommonSpirit Health) finalized earlier this year. Optum also completed their acquisition of DaVita Medical Group in June of this year. It’s a trend that […]

A New Way to Affiliate: Health System Equity Investment in Physician Groups

by Daniel M. Grauman and Benjamin Tudor

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Experts already predict another record-breaking year for private equity investment in physician practices, with 45 deals announced or closed in Q1 2019 alone. As private equity interest in ophthalmology and dermatology stays hot, and as other specialties capture investors’ attention and dollars, some health system leaders are offering an alternative to private equity capital by […]