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FMV Compensation

Our innovative staff  has the experience, creativity and flexibility to determine fair market value for physician compensation, accounting for unique market characteristics. We keep your financial arrangements in compliance while meeting hospital goals and physician expectations. Our approach is not formulaic; we determine FMV by evaluating the facts and circumstances of a proposed arrangement as well as the relevant market for the services being provided.

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Physician Compensation Planning and Design

In the past 25 years, we have completed hundreds of physician compensation reviews, many for large, complex academic medical center clients. This experience provides us with the ability to structure innovative, effective, and affordable approaches to physician compensation that improve performance and align physician and hospital interests. Our goal is to apply our expert valuation services to assure that compensation will be consistent with FMV requirements.

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Pay Equity

Public perceptions. Legal risk. Workforce satisfaction. Healthcare organizations need to know whether they pay employees equitably, in order to manage these concerns. We can support you in determining whether your physician compensation is equitable across gender, race, and ethnicity, and applying an objective, analytic approach to managing pay equity.

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Funds Flow

Academic medical centers (“AMCs”) operate with multiple, detailed flows of services and funds between the health system or hospital(s), medical school, and faculty practice stakeholders. Veralon can help you document the services currently provided, establish a value for each, and create a straightforward process for future communications about budgeting and tracking these services.

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