Case Study: Developing a Growth Strategy for a Clinically Integrated Network

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This clinically integrated network (“CIN”) had a track record of success, but was still leaving money on the table. Did they need to achieve formal CIN designation? Would one model of physician participation accommodate all types of interested physicians? Contact our Thought Leaders: John Harris, Managing Director, Molly Johnson, Consultant,

Responding to 5 Competitive Threats to CINs

by Molly Johnson, Consultant

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Health systems and their Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) face threats from a variety of competitors, including market disruptors, that may lure away aligned independent physicians and patients. Although the landscape of these competitors differs by market, they threaten the core business of CINs and complicate health system alignment with independent physician groups. Contact the Author: […]

6 Key Elements of a Physician Strategy

by Mark Dubow, Director
and Rudd Kierstead, Principal

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As health system physician enterprises have grown, addressing their challenges are central to health system success. Engaging physicians and supporting health system goals requires a cohesive approach.   Contact the Experts: Mark Dubow, Director, Rudd Kierstead, Principal,

Tackling the IT Challenge in Your CIN

by Molly Johnson, Manager & Alexandra D'Innocenzo, Associate

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Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) need quality data to understand their patient population and manage provider practice patterns. That makes information technology (“IT”) critical at any stage of CIN development. For CINs with a mix of employed and independent physicians, IT is likely to be a tale of two cities – the employed physicians have solid, […]

Physician Engagement for the Established CIN

by Molly Johnson, Manager & Danielle Bangs, Senior Associate

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Physician engagement is critical to CIN success. True engagement, however, takes vigilance and a long-term commitment; having physicians join your network is just the beginning of the process. Our experience has shown that, despite their best intentions, many CINs lose touch with their physician membership at some point along the road. Effectively engaging physicians in […]

CINs as a Physician Alignment Model

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO and Stuart Schaff, Manager
HFM blog
July 2014

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Many hospitals and health systems have made significant investments in physician practice acquisitions and employment. Often, this has been a defensive strategy, pursued without an expectation of direct profits. Instead, their new employers anticipated that these physicians would “pay for themselves” through downstream inpatient and ancillary service revenues once employed. As healthcare reform has progressed, […]