Launching a Community Oncology Center: 5 Key Considerations

by Meredith Inniger, Manager

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Rapid evolution in diagnostics and treatment for cancer care, innovation through genomics and predictive analytics, the continuing shift toward value-based care are hastening the migration of oncology from hospital settings to community-based centers.  This raises the question: Is now the right time to invest in a community oncology center? The experiences of multiple health systems […]

Micro-Hospitals: Short-Term Fad or Promising Market Growth Strategy?

by Meredith Inniger, Manager

Many conversations we have with hospital and health system executives about market growth strategies eventually turns to the topic of micro-hospitals — and for good reason. These facilities typically include a small-scale emergency department (ED), low-acuity surgery, and are often comprised of eight to 10 inpatient beds as well as additional observation beds (notably, these […]

Using Social Media in Healthcare Strategic Assessments

by Meredith Inniger, Manager & Idette Elizondo, Manager

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Social media’s most valuable role in strategic planning is in communication of strategic planning initiatives and priorities rather than for research during the planning process. It can be particularly useful for reaching employees and creating momentum for moving forward. Your organization can share information about mission, vision, goals, values and ongoing initiatives from your own […]

Integration and/or Independence: Physician-Hospital Futures

by John Harris, Director & Karin Chernoff Kaplan, Director
HFM Blog
September 2013

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Of the 41,000 physicians in the 2013 MGMA Physician Compensation and Production Survey, 56 percent are employed by hospitals or health systems, compared with 42 percent in the 2010 survey. Conventional wisdom is that the remaining physicians will rapidly join the ranks of the employed. However, hospitals and physicians can explore many types of relationships […]

Prioritizing Critical Planning Issues

Arguably, the most difficult step in a strategic planning process is the identification of critical strategic issues to guide the strategy development phase. At its core, strategic planning aims to allocate scarce resources  to areas that most positively impact the organization. Therefore, identifying and subsequently prioritizing the issue list is critical to the overall success […]