3 Threats to Hospitals—and What America’s Frontier State is Doing to Overcome Them

by Jeffery Adler, Managing Director

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Wyoming may be part of the nation’s frontier healthcare market, but the state is a reminder to hospital leaders everywhere of the challenges all hospitals face, no matter the level of sophistication or setting. It’s unmistakable: we’re all grappling with post-COVID’s three-headed monster of workforce shortages, externalities, and financial pressures. I was pleased to host […]

Key Takeaways from the 2023 AHA Leadership Summit, featuring Bill Gassen, Judy Rich, and Jamie Orlikoff

by Amanda Kueh, Chief Content Strategist

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Three years after the introduction of a pandemic that left the world forever changed, American healthcare continues to wrestle with its ripple effects. Veralon VB-E (formerly IPROTEAN) was proud to host a panel discussion on the Top 3 Headwinds Facing Healthcare Today at the 2023 AHA Leadership Summit in Seattle. The education session covered three of the […]