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Why VBE?

Veralon provides a virtual board education solution that empowers trustees with the knowledge to govern effectively. We believe better boards make better decisions which lead to better care.

VBE Offerings

Video Courses

We create and deliver learning directly to you. We offer courses in Governance, Finance, Mission & Strategy, Quality, and Technology & Innovation. Experience our 10-minute micro courses delivered directly to your desktop, tablet, or phone. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete a course, and walk away with 5 actionable takeaways.

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Virtual Experts

We’ll bring the expert to you, with a virtual presentation from one of our distinguished experts. You select the topic, we book the expert and facilitate a virtual presentation event specifically for your organization.

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Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching consists of a customized video coaching experience with leading subject matter experts aimed at offering insights & solutions. We offer Virtual Coaching for executive management, board chairs, & trustees, with 3 options including individual coaching, group coaching by role, and and group coaching for boards.

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