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3 Ways to Build Relationships with Independent Physicians Now

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It is the opportune time to build relationships with independent physicians. As always, one answer does not fit all so leadership needs to assess each individual physician and the appropriate models with care and attention.

After more than two months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation for many independent practices remains shaky. Practices are struggling with:

  • High stress among providers and staff
  • Limited access to testing
  • Procuring adequate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Challenges with telehealth technology

In a new survey published by The Primary Care Collaborative (conducted May 15-18), more than half (55%) fear they are unprepared for the next wave of the pandemic.  Short term infusions of cash in the form of PPP loans and/or advances from Medicare were helpful but only a band aid.  Even though many practices have begun the slow process of reopening, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Patient anxiety and apprehension is resulting in continued delays and postponements in addressing chronic and preventive healthcare needs.  The financial strain due to reduced patient volumes remains high.

Independent physicians are ready to build new relationships. Are you?