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Systemness: Getting Beyond the Culture Clash of Faculty and Community Physicians

Questions about physician enterprise performance are surfacing with greater urgency. In the academic medical center (“AMC”) these issues are complicated by the need for academic physician organizations and the community physician entities to work together. This need comes from a desire to realize “systemness” by improving tripartite programming, rationalize compensation, and facilitate funds flows.

  • This session will result in approaches to addressing regulatory and business considerations:
  • Common needs for faculty & community physicians while protecting, if not facilitating, their differing missions.
  • Mechanisms that can promote the effectively delivery of services for trainees, patients, and system hospitals and college.
  • The distinct, yet complementary, roles that faculty and community physicians play in the journey to value-based care.
  • The impact of AMC and health system consolidations on the faculty/non-faculty physician dynamic.