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Developing an Ambulatory Network: Options and Essential Elements


As pressures mount to push patient volume to lower cost alternatives, health system executives are increasingly faced with the challenge of developing or expanding their ambulatory network, particularly surgical services. Whether to initiate a joint venture with a third party or other freestanding outpatient provider operator, or to “go it alone” in constructing an ambulatory provider network, the goal will be to meet the needs of the market while optimizing the health system’s strategic and financial position. The decisions can be challenging in their complexity and must be approached in a manner that recognizes all options and the essential elements upon which the network will be constructed.

This presentation will focus on the key steps to take in planning and evaluating network development options:

  1. Vision or strategy of network and alignment with health system goals
  2. Optimize relationships and alignment with physicians
  3. Identify potential future resource needs/locations
  4. Evaluation of partnership options
  5. Analysis of financial impacts