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Walking Through the Minefield: Preparing for the Challenges in Implementation of a New Physician Compensation Model

As health system physician enterprises continue to expand and evolve, leadership is more than ever at a point where they need to redesign physician compensation to:

  • Effectuate service line integration across large systems with many legacy physician enterprises
  • Achieve strategic alignment between operations and compensation
  • Ensure physician engagement and alignment
  • Respond to the changes in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
  • Accommodate new value-based reimbursement models
  • Optimize physician recruitment and retention

Well-designed physician compensation plans are vital to the success of a health system’s physician enterprise, but one size does not fit all.  Instead, a unified compensation structure with a common framework, supported by shared principles, that gives leaders some flexibility, is typically a more effective approach. However, even with an ideal framework, transitioning to standardized compensation models often means moving away from a myriad of existing models, side deals, and inequities.

This session will cover:

  • Business and operational challenges commonly faced by health systems when migrating physicians to common compensation plans.
  • Review trends in employed physician compensation design
  • Discuss best practices related to contracting and renewals in the context of compensation changes
  • Discuss best practices in compensation design
  • Provide an overview of common challenges health systems face when migrating to a standardized compensation model
  • Highlight a case study from a large system