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iProtean is now part of Veralon

We are thrilled to announce that iProtean, the health care industry’s top virtual board education company, has been acquired by Veralon Partners Inc. (Veralon), a leading national health care consulting firm specializing in strategy, M&A, financial planning, business valuation and provider compensation. This continues to be a time of rapid change and evolution in the health care provider sector, and we are pleased to continue to innovate to address the continually changing governance and leadership needs of our clients.

iProtean has been a Veralon strategic affiliate since it was acquired in 2018 by Veralon’s co-founders. Since then, under the direction and leadership of Jeffery Adler, iProtean, with a mission of Building Better Boards, has been transformed into a comprehensive ed-tech solution offering learners convenient access to an ever- expanding library of video courses in Governance, Strategy, Finance, Quality and Innovation & Technology. iProtean customer boards also access Virtual Coaching, Virtual Experts, Virtual Huddles and other educational content, consulting and support. As a Veralon managing director, Jeffery will continue to lead and advance Veralon’s virtual Board education solution.

The Veralon consultancy, founded in 1994 with its Brain Trust ApproachTM, has a long and well-established tradition of thought leadership and life-long learning. Existing and new customers will benefit from the new content and synergistic innovations to emerge from the integration of iProtean into the Veralon Brain Trust.

We very much look forward to continuing to partner with hospitals and health systems to help Build Better Boards for many years to come. Stay tuned for more updates over the next several months.