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Involved in Value-Based Payment? Meet Quanto

by Amanda Brown, Senior Associate

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Veralon’s health system clients have achieved significant savings using Quanto to identify value-based improvement targets and provide the financial management reports to manage to those targets; client savings have varied from over $1 million to $13 million.

Quanto was developed by Veralon and by Health Data Innovations, a leader in healthcare data integration. We partnered to make claims data more accessible and useful for the financial management of value-based contracts (bundled care and ACO contracts).

To understand and manage financial performance under value-based payment, health systems need data tools that provide:

  • Risk-adjusted performance reports by physician, patient, practice, setting, and bundle (where relevant), so time can be spent on performance improvement rather than data analysis
  • Drill down capabilities and the ability to custom-build reports to empower end-users

Many data tools do not meet these requirements. Quanto does, because you determine what data you want to look at. Quanto integrates your claims data to help identify your cost drivers, top performers, and opportunities for improvement using your own data.

Veralon is available to provide Quanto clients with as much or as little consulting support as desired.

“Quanto is comprehensive, straightforward, and intuitive”  – Independent Reporting Specialist

Among the ways that Quanto has benefitted our clients are:

  • Determining which BPCI bundles are likely to provide financial opportunity
  • Long-term monitoring of performance on CHF bundles
  • Determining that BPCI Pneumonia and Respiratory bundles were not profitable for the organization
  • Identifying performance improvement initiatives to lower costs and achieve shared savings
  • Preparing physician gain-sharing reports within an ACO
  • Selecting SNFs to include in a preferred SNF network

Quanto will also be applied to help clients identify opportunities under BPCI Advanced.

Clients have access to the tool via the internet and can pull reports or drill-down as they wish. Some clients are poised to use Quanto interactively during meetings, for example, with physicians, to prevent meetings on performance from becoming bogged down when questions arise.