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How Do You Ensure Participation in the Strategic Planning Process?

Participation and collaboration are not only ideal in any strategic planning process, they are essential.  In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of having a variety of stakeholders throughout your organization participate in the strategic planning process to gain buy-in for the final plan.  Just as important in knowing who to have participate, is knowing how to engage stakeholders to ensure maximum participation:


Create excitement, demonstrate importance:

  • Send out broadband communication throughout the organization at the outset of the strategic planning process to highlight its importance.  Be sure to reference board and management involvement in the process, as appropriate


Meet one-on-one:

  • Target a group of influential or key decision makers for one-on-one interviews to discuss the strategic plan. These stakeholders may be more candid and forthcoming regarding strategic priorities in an individual interview as compared to group interviews or committee settings



  • Internet-based surveys are an efficient way to reach virtually every employee and medical staff member in your organization


Give updates:

  • After you solicit feedback, be sure to provide updates on the strategic planning process to ensure buy-in as the plan is finalized


How does your organization solicit feedback in a strategic planning process?  How do you ensure strategic thinking?