Is Your ACO Ready for a Quick March to Risk-Bearing?
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Is Your ACO Ready for a Quick March to Risk-Bearing?

CMS is proposing broad changes in the MSSP ACO program. Most significant will be:

  • Fewer track options, and mandatory risk within a maximum of two years
  • Less generous savings during the upside only years
  • Prior High Revenue ACOs (those with hospital involvement) with risk-sharing experience can only participate in the ENHANCED program
  • Changes in benchmark calculation: Limits on risk-adjustment for population health status, and immediate application of a regional component
  • Advanced APM status limited to ACOs in highest-risk tracks
  • Choice of retrospective or prospective beneficiary attribution
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Molly Johnson and Amanda Brown are leaders in Veralon’s value-based care services and in the use of Quanto to optimize ACO performance.

They have published and presented on strengthening performance in value-based care programs.

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Veralon can help you evaluate your options and set your ACO strategy. We can help you optimize your ACO performance, using Quanto.

Quanto offers an easy-to-use tool that allows tracking and management of financial performance of ACO contracts. It helps quickly uncover opportunities to improve financial performance and reveals what you need to know to get maximum impact from care management efforts and interactions with physicians.

With Quanto, it’s possible to examine performance patterns at the bundle or diagnosis level and then drill down to almost anything you might want—physician specialty, specific physician, service location, patient age, procedures, time of day, and many others.

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