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Why Amazon’s One Medical Deal Matters

by John Harris, Managing Director
and Danielle Bangs, Principal

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Amazon made a major move into healthcare in July when it announced plans to buy One Medical in a $3.9 billion deal. Suddenly, theoretical discussions about the future of healthcare—a future that could be dominated by tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Apple—came into sharp focus as the potential for Amazon to reinvent primary […]

Podcast: Physician Practice Mergers and Acquisitions – Trends in the Health Care Industry

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO

Host Ericka Adler, Roetzel shareholder and Health Law Practice Group Leader, is joined by fellow Roetzel shareholder David Hochman, and special guest Dan Grauman, Veralon Managing Director and CEO, to discuss evaluating and planning for healthcare practice mergers and acquisitions. Dan Grauman talks about the ongoing trends of consolidation he sees in healthcare, the important […]

What’s Your Post-Merger Financial Outlook? Why a Pre-Merger Gut Check Is Critical

by Danielle Bangs, Principal

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One of the most important considerations in finalizing a healthcare merger is how well the consolidated entity will perform, financially, after the deal is complete. Many times, leaders get so caught up in the blocking-and-tackling of due diligence—a time-consuming exercise that protects their organization from material risk—that their ability to see past the point of […]

Case Study: Developing a Growth Strategy for a Clinically Integrated Network

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This clinically integrated network (“CIN”) had a track record of success, but was still leaving money on the table. Did they need to achieve formal CIN designation? Would one model of physician participation accommodate all types of interested physicians? Contact our Thought Leaders: John Harris, Managing Director, Molly Johnson, Consultant,

Case Study: Developing a Regional Oncology Program

by Mark Dubow, Director

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Challenge: Design a strategy to become the market leader for oncology services across a broad region that accounted for implications of emerging trends specific to: incidence of tumor sites, population, evolution of care, competitor vulnerabilities, and oncology reimbursement.   Contact our Thought Leader: Mark Dubow, Director,

Fair Play, Fair Pay: Assuring Provider Pay Equity

by Karin Chernoff Kaplan, Managing Director

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It’s not easy to determine if there is equity in provider compensation across your organization, given the many departments, specialties, and roles—but it’s essential. Consider the following hypothetical: A local news source reports a 30% pay discrepancy between your male and female maintenance employees performing the same work. Chances are you would rather not have […]

Responding to 5 Competitive Threats to CINs

by Molly Johnson, Consultant

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Health systems and their Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) face threats from a variety of competitors, including market disruptors, that may lure away aligned independent physicians and patients. Although the landscape of these competitors differs by market, they threaten the core business of CINs and complicate health system alignment with independent physician groups. Contact the Author: […]

6 Key Elements of a Physician Strategy

by Mark Dubow, Director
and Rudd Kierstead, Principal

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As health system physician enterprises have grown, addressing their challenges are central to health system success. Engaging physicians and supporting health system goals requires a cohesive approach.   Contact the Experts: Mark Dubow, Director, Rudd Kierstead, Principal,

Magnitude of Financial Pressures Demands Fast, Actionable Financial Planning

by J. David Robeson, III, Principal
and Ross Shuster, Manager

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Yet again, the latest Omicron surge delivered a financial punch to hospitals and health systems across the country, with many organizations experiencing one of their worst quarters ever this year. Now, healthcare leaders must take a fresh look at their financial planning process to determine their way forward in a turbulent environment. When the highly […]