by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
Healthcare Headlines Podcast

Veralon is delighted to launch this short podcast where Daniel Grauman, Managing Director & CEO, reviews major healthcare headlines and news stories, and what you need to know. Welcome to this first episode, which will be followed by regular episodes every month. Stay tuned for Episode 2! Listen below, or click the icons to listen […]

AHLA Podcast: Physician Practice Employment and Acquisition: What Is Driving the Changing Landscape?

by Danielle Bangs, Director

When it comes to physician practices, the rate of employment, acquisition, and alignment activity among health care corporate entities like payers, payer-backed groups, private equity, and major vertically integrated retailers has outpaced similar activity among hospitals and health systems. Danielle Bangs, Director, Veralon, speaks with Mike Flammini, Chief Development Officer, Privia Health, and Eric Tower, […]

Determining Compensation for Super-Specialized Physicians: What to Consider

by Karin Chernoff Kaplan, Managing Director

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Before the early 20th century, there were virtually no physician specialists in the United States. Today, the list of physician specialties continues to expand as medical knowledge grows with new discoveries and advancements in technology. Now, healthcare leaders must consider: How does this super-specialization affect physician compensation? Specialization and Sub-Specialization Historically, physicians were generalists, but […]

2023 High-Impact Initiatives: Emerging from the Crisis

by Mark Dubow, Director
and Meredith Inniger, Principal

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Leaders of hospitals and health systems face an array of difficult challenges as they move into 2023. In light of the challenges providers face, the Veralon team has identified high-impact initiatives that may help systems turn the corner for a brighter 2023. Briefly, the challenges include: Weakened balance sheets that limit capital available for new […]

Case Study: Developing a Growth Strategy for a Clinically Integrated Network

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This clinically integrated network (“CIN”) had a track record of success, but was still leaving money on the table. Did they need to achieve formal CIN designation? Would one model of physician participation accommodate all types of interested physicians? Contact our Thought Leaders: John Harris, Managing Director, jharris@veralon.com Molly Johnson, Consultant, mjohnson@veralon.com

Fair Play, Fair Pay: Assuring Provider Pay Equity

by Karin Chernoff Kaplan, Managing Director

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It’s not easy to determine if there is equity in provider compensation across your organization, given the many departments, specialties, and roles—but it’s essential. Consider the following hypothetical: A local news source reports a 30% pay discrepancy between your male and female maintenance employees performing the same work. Chances are you would rather not have […]

Responding to 5 Competitive Threats to CINs

by Molly Johnson, Consultant

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Health systems and their Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) face threats from a variety of competitors, including market disruptors, that may lure away aligned independent physicians and patients. Although the landscape of these competitors differs by market, they threaten the core business of CINs and complicate health system alignment with independent physician groups. Contact the Author: […]