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Medical Staff Plan and Implementation Strategies for New Hospital


Large academic medical center


To determine medical staff needs, by specialty, for a new regional hospital being built by the academic medical center. The new facility is to replace a significantly smaller facility that the client had acquired. The medical staff of the acquired facility was to form the core of the staff of the new facility.


Veralon developed baseline volume projections for the current medical staff of the acquired hospital, taking attrition into account. These were compared with the service line specific inpatient and outpatient volume targets set for the new hospital, to determine the number of new physicians needed by specialty, by year, in order to achieve the strategic and financial targets for the new hospital.

Other factors, such as on-call coverage requirements and subspecialty needs were also considered in the development of the medical plan for the new hospital.


Through careful analysis of the current local market situation for each specialty and discussions with the key players, Veralon facilitated development of a detailed implementation plan for recruiting physicians and for reaching the significant medical staff targets in the plan in other ways. We developed financial estimates for implementing these detailed plans.