Medical Staff Planning and Development

Medical Staff Planning and Development

With most areas of the country experiencing a shortage of physicians, and projections that this trend will only grow worse, effective medical staff planning has become a key element in executing strategy.

Veralon helps healthcare organizations mitigate the impact of this shortage with medical staff planning that establishes priorities for recruitment efforts. We can also document community need to meet regulatory requirements.

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We are unusually exacting in our demand methodologies, using market-sensitive physician to population ratios rather than applying national figures. Veralon also modifies these ratios to account for the impact of healthcare reform and other market factors on the need for physicians.

Physician Community Need Studies

Veralon performs rigorous quantitative assessments of community need for physicians in a hospital’s service area. We use age-adjusted physician-to-population ratios tailored to the local market and make adjustments where the need for specific clinical specialties differs by race and ethnicity. We have developed planning ratios for more than 30 specialties. Rather than rely on commercial databases, which typically lack accuracy, we compile our own physician inventory using local data sources.

If appropriate, Veralon can perform this work at a level that supports the use of hospital resources in recruiting new physicians for the community. We can provide the necessary documentation to ensure compliance. 

Medical Staff Development Plan

A medical staff development plan builds on the community need estimates, adding qualitative and quantitative assessments of an organization’s strategic medical staff requirements. We look at medical staff dynamics, unmet referral needs, the mix and depth of available specialists, physicians needed to support strategic initiatives, and admission levels necessary to sustain and grow market share. The result of our medical staff planning is recruitment recommendations by specialty, and projected costs.

Once the type and number of physicians needed has been determined, we help you understand the best options for aligning physicians with your organization (e.g. employment vs. other approaches) to achieve recruitment goals and targets. Together, we look at how to integrate recruited physicians into organizational initiatives such as a clinically integrated network, network development, or growth of a service line.

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