Hospital M&A Series Part 6: Hospital M&A: Is This a Fair Deal? What to Consider

by Daniel Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
and Kevin Cope, Manager

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Board members of not-for-profit community hospitals face enormous pressure to protect their community’s access to care. Even when the economic reasons for hospital mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are compelling, the decision to give up control to another system cannot be made based on purchase price alone. It’s just one reason why not-for-profit board members must […]

6 Big Changes in Proposed ACO Regulations

by John Harris, Director & Molly Johnson, Manager

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On August 9, 2018, CMS issued new proposed regulations for MSSP ACOs that, if finalized, will result in far-reaching changes in the program. The motivation for the proposed changes, which CMS calls “Pathways to Success,” is simple: CMS wants to move ACOs to risk more quickly. The great majority of 2018 participating ACOs are not […]

“What” Before “How”

by Meredith Inniger

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Great healthcare leaders are often good problem solvers with a penchant for taking rapid action to solve operational and strategic issues. This positive leadership quality can create challenges in strategic planning, where multiple initiatives may be competing for an organization’s available resources. Leaders may jump into action on several priorities simultaneously. When this happens, significant […]

Designing Financially Sustainable Care Management

by Idette Elizondo and Meghan Corcoran

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Bundled payment, the Medicare Shared Savings program, and commercial value-based payment programs have caused many providers to develop care management programs focused on readmission reduction and chronic disease management. Our experience suggests that it is essential to apply both clinical and financial expertise when redesigning care. Financial professionals can add important perspective to a clinical […]

Getting Financial Due Diligence Right in M&A

by Idette Elizondo and Danielle Bangs

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Financial due diligence―assessing and understanding the financial past, present, and likely future performance of the organization you are considering a relationship with―is one of the most critical components of the due diligence process. Getting financial due diligence right requires a combination of teamwork, good information, strong analysis, and self-awareness. Build a Team of Experts A […]

Getting Ready for CJR

by Idette Elizondo and Andrew Isdaner

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If your hospital is in one of the 67 regions affected by the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program, you probably are wondering what you can do to prepare. The program will start on April 1, 2016. The good news is that because there is a tremendous amount of similarity between the CJR and Bundled […]