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Structuring Organization, Funds Flow and Physician Compensation for an Ambulatory Surgery Center


Provider network of employed primary and specialty practices and physicians associated with a major academic medical center


To help the client develop an organizational structure, financial funds flow model, and compensation arrangement that would appropriately align the various constituents involved in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). There are unique challenges in generating interest and support for the ASC among the various faculty practice plan departments and the surgeons who would perform surgeries at the ASC.


Veralon helped to create an effective organizational structure and model of financial funds flow among multiple entities.


The model:

  • Established clear lines of administrative authority
  • Held the four participating departments accountable for their efforts in the ASC
  • Aligned financial incentives among all stakeholders to maximize volume, efficiency, and margin

We provided advice on best practices in governance, operations, and management as well as relevant ASC benchmarks. We developed physician staffing and volume scenarios and supporting analysis to assist in decision-making. Our client analysis was used as a foundation for the ultimate organization and funds flow structure of the ASC.