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Strategic Planning for Starling Physicians


Starling Physicians is a large multi-specialty group formed by a 2015 merger of Connecticut Multispecialty Group and Grove Hill Medical Centers. The group, with over 30 locations, includes more than 40 primary care physicians and 150 specialists covering 25 specialties.


To help the newly merged group develop a common vision and strategy for the future, as a unified entity.


Bi-weekly meetings were held with a subgroup of Board members and senior management to share information, brainstorm approaches to issues, build support, and preview materials.

Veralon conducted interviews with key stakeholders, and completed an extensive environmental assessment, including both internal and external assessments, and an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These materials were shared with Board members prior to a strategic planning retreat.

Because Board members read and absorbed the assessment in advance, it was possible to focus the retreat on discussion of high level impact and influences, critical planning issues, a vision statement, and the resulting strategic plan. Three-year goals and one-year objectives were developed, reviewed, and revised.


The process helped the Board members develop an appreciation for strategic planning and a shared understanding of their position in the environment, and build consensus on how to move forward as a unified entity.

The strategic plan that was created included goals and objectives to address four critical issue areas: merging organizations and culture; positioning for value-based care; relationships with other provider entities; and size, service mix, and geographic distribution.

The physician leaders expressed enthusiasm for the process and were energized to implement the strategic plan initiatives.