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Establishing a Fair Market Value Fee Schedule and a Collaborative Climate for an Under-Arrangement Imaging Center


The core hospital in a multi-site health system


To develop a fair market value fee schedule for the technical component of imaging services to be provided under arrangement between the hospital and a joint ventured rural imaging center owned by the hospital and a physician group.

Veralon was engaged by in-house counsel to develop a fee schedule consistent with FMV that would be acceptable to both parties.


Veralon completed a rigorous analysis of the fees the imaging center’s would otherwise receive from payers, prior to the formation of the joint venture. We then developed a fair market value all-payer fee schedule that reflected the fees the hospital would pay the imaging center.


Veralon’s work led to the creation of a collaborative climate of trust and credibility between all parties, including hospital and imaging center management. The management teams of both the hospital and the imaging center embraced the resulting fee schedule as fair, and it served as a key component of the final joint venture arrangement.