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Developing Strategy and an ACO Opportunity for a Hospital With a Non-Aligned Medical Staff


Not-for-profit hospital in a mountain state


To develop a strategy in response to health care reform for this hospital faced with the need to get a very independent-minded medical staff to work with the hospital in preparing for the impact of reform as well as other strategic factors.


Veralon led a strategic planning process and facilitated a strategic planning retreat for the Board and senior management. Through this process, the potential development of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) was identified as a key strategic objective in support of physician alignment, quality improvement, and growth.


The process identified a broader need to develop a stronger partnership with the physicians, which led to a series of education sessions with key members of the medical staff. As a result of this process, the physicians agreed to establish a PHO as a vehicle to address the range of challenges they are facing. Veralon described ACO options and illustrated the hospital’s ACO opportunity and its potential strategic and financial impact. We continue to provide assistance in responding to the ACO opportunity, including education, engaging physicians, market analysis, financial planning, and organizational development.