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Developing an Integrated and Efficient Physician Enterprise for a Health System


Midwestern health system with a large physician enterprise


To help the health system create an efficient and cost-effective structure for their physician enterprise. The system employed 125 physicians across four affiliated entities; they needed to integrate four disparate physician organizations, while at the same time achieving the system’s strategic objectives.


Veralon served in an advisory role to the Internal Task Force charged with reinventing the physician organization. We facilitated a process involving review of analysis, options and best practices related to governance and management, physician compensation, back-office operations, IT and revenue maximization. Veralon’s insights based on this work and our experience enabled the health system to make some challenging decisions.


They were able to take some big steps towards improving their physician enterprise, including moving the physician practices into one entity with a consolidated management structure, putting a unified billing system in place and transitioning toward a consistent system-wide compensation plan.