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Healthcare Strategic Planning: Fourth Edition

by John M. Harris, Editor, and Contributing Authors

This fourth edition of Healthcare Strategic Planning, published by ACHE, provides core insights into strategic planning practice and theory. The classic text shows how those insights can be applied to healthcare organizations. Examples from actual healthcare organizations add real-life detail and reinforcement.

This new edition addresses strategic planning in the context of contemporary healthcare issues, particularly population health, value-based payment, consolidation, and shifting provider–payer partnerships. Extensive new/enhanced material includes:

  • Fresh strategies for incorporating strategic thinking into management routines
  • Expanded coverage of environmental analysis
  • New strategy formulation examples that illustrate the relationship among critical issues, goals, and key metrics
  • A step-by-step process for creating an effective implementation plan
  • Guidance for gaining board approval
  • New case studies that illustrate how successful organizations handle the annual strategic review process
  • A new chapter on innovation addressing business model shifts and technological and clinical advances at each step of the planning process
by John M. Harris, Editor, and Contributing Authors

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