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How to Successfully Compete with Private Equity Buyers and Align with Physicians

by Karin Chernoff Kaplan, MBA, CVA, Director, Denise Palencik, MBA, Manager, and Jessica E. Stack, MBA, Senior Manager
Becker's Hospital Review
July 2018


Many of the physician practices that health systems seek to acquire are owned by physicians who are not particularly interested in selling their practices.

These practices often have a strong procedural or technical component; examples include hematology/oncology with infusion treatment, GI practices with an endoscopy facility, orthopedics with physical therapy, and any practice with significant imaging or radiology services.

Aligning with these practices can be challenging. The procedural components of their practices are frequently profitable and many of these physicians are less concerned about receiving the purchase price for their practice, and more focused on continuing to benefit from the future growth of their practice.

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