ACO Pathways to Success: Final Rule Softens Impact

by Amanda Brown and John Harris

CMS published its final rule, the “Pathways to Success” for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, in December 2018. CMS’ overall goal is clear and unchanged from the proposed rule: to put the “accountability” back in accountable care by moving ACOs more quickly to downside risk. While the final rule tracks the proposed rule issued in […]

Tackling the IT Challenge in Your CIN

by Molly Johnson, Manager & Alexandra D'Innocenzo, Associate

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Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) need quality data to understand their patient population and manage provider practice patterns. That makes information technology (“IT”) critical at any stage of CIN development. For CINs with a mix of employed and independent physicians, IT is likely to be a tale of two cities – the employed physicians have solid, […]

Shifting Innovation and Value from “Buzz Words” to Powerful Strategic Initiatives

by Mark Dubow, Director
Texas Healthcare Trustees - Spring Bulletin
May 2016

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Proactive transformation is critical to your success. This applies across all portions of the health care continuum, yet it is not accomplished through a “one size fits all” formula. Instead, it entails each organization applying its optimal blend of three forms of innovation, and adopting a more comprehensive definition of and maximizing the value delivered to key constituents. Read the […]

Physician Engagement for the Established CIN

by Molly Johnson, Manager & Danielle Bangs, Senior Associate

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Physician engagement is critical to CIN success. True engagement, however, takes vigilance and a long-term commitment; having physicians join your network is just the beginning of the process. Our experience has shown that, despite their best intentions, many CINs lose touch with their physician membership at some point along the road. Effectively engaging physicians in […]

Post-Acute Care Partners: A Make-or-Break Choice

by Mark Dubow, Director

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Your selection of post-acute care (“PAC”) partners can make or break your value-based payment programs and care management initiatives. Even where fee-for-service is still dominant, having the right post-acute care partners can improve economic performance by reducing length of stay and minimizing acute care readmissions. Most health systems and hospitals do not own PAC facilities, […]