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Veralon Views shares expert perspectives from our nationally recognized senior consulting team on issues that are key to the success of your organization. It’s part of our partnership with leaders who are transforming the healthcare industry.

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A Strategy for Post-Acute Care

Hospitals and health systems have not historically focused on post-acute care. However, several factors are now motivating them to develop or strengthen their ties with post-acute care providers and establish… READ MORE

Medical Staff Planning: A New Way to Think About Community Versus Hospital-Specific Needs

Increasingly, hospital administrators are concluding that there is a great deal more to managing their employed physicians than simply signing them up. Hospital and health system leadership use data and… READ MORE

Due Diligence: Not All Risks Are Equal

A prudently conducted due diligence effort will surface a comprehensive (and often lengthy) list of potential risks and issues related to the transaction being assessed. However, the implications of these… READ MORE

Four Ways to Simplify — and Strengthen — Your Physician Compensation Plan

Can your physicians easily project their compensation for the next year with reasonable accuracy, or do they need to have their accountants build elaborate Excel models to do so? Many… READ MORE

Hospital Independence Assessments

Consolidation among healthcare providers has continued at a significant rate over the last decade. In 2005, 45% (2,220) of acute, non-federal community hospitals were independent; by 2015, the figure had… READ MORE

Urgent Care: Understanding Value to Manage Transaction Expectations

Urgent care is in the investor spotlight. Private equity, venture capital, health insurers, and health systems all want a piece of it, and transaction activity in the industry is high…. READ MORE

Five Reasons Why You Should Develop Ambulatory Care Satellites

Despite the attention being given to potential repeal of the Accountable Care Act, we can be reasonably certain that some aspects of health care reform are unlikely to be overhauled… READ MORE

How Risk Affects Valuation

Business valuation is as much an art as a science. It not only requires technical knowledge of valuation methodologies, it requires the valuator to have significant judgement and the industry… READ MORE

Medicare Shared Savings Program 2015 Results and the Future of ACOs

To date, just under one-third of accountable care organizations (ACOs) have been eligible to share in savings.  This situation is changing somewhat as ACOs gain experience in managing populations of… READ MORE

Assessing the Financial Impact of a Hospital Acquisition: Six Factors

Once a letter of intent (“LOI”) is executed for the acquisition of a community hospital or health system, a due diligence process that assesses all aspects of the target organization… READ MORE

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