Keith Wysocki




Keith advises and educates healthcare organizations on governance issues including structure, efficiency, and effectiveness. He has worked with organizations ranging from critical access hospitals to some of the nation’s largest health systems.

Keith’s experience includes:

  • Identifying opportunities to consolidate more than 50 entity boards into a nimbler structure, and developing a roadmap to implement the changes
  • Advising on establishment of a new board after wholesale director turnover
  • Creating board competency surveys to identify diversity and skill gaps
  • Facilitating interviews to identify top candidates to serve on the board of a recently formed health system
  • Advising the CEO and board chair on making changes to committee structures and processes
  • Providing board education that enabled a health system to meet state regulators’ education requirements
  • Working with leaders of a parent board and 12 affiliate boards to establish development plans and improve communication channels

Keith has almost 15 years of experience in advising hospital boards on governance issues, both as an independent consultant and as a strategic advisor at The Governance Institute. He has presented to boards, executives, and physician leaders nationwide about organizational alignment, improving governance efficiency, and the role of the board in meeting new challenges. He has assessed board structure and effectiveness through quantitative surveys, interviews, and document review.

Keith has facilitated retreats and education sessions for hospitals, medical specialty boards, and other nonprofits. He has also served as lead moderator and facilitator for retreats and conferences attended by as many as 500 executives, directors, and clinicians.

Keith has presented for numerous industry conferences including ACHE Congress, the Western Regional Trustee Symposium, and several state hospital and senior living association conferences. His articles have appeared in Management in Healthcare and in various journals and newsletters published by The Governance Institute.


First job: Ice cream store
Favorite travel destination: Mediterranean
Hobby/activity you enjoy: Running
Best dish you can prepare: Beef Bourguignon
First car: Toyota Cressida
Favorite drink: Mint julep
Favorite movie: North by Northwest
Book that made impact: The Count of Monte Cristo
Nonprofit you support: Launch Leadership Inc.
What I'd tell my 20-year-old self: Enjoy all the free time you have now!
One bucket list item: Visit every continent

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