Rudd Kierstead, MBA, MPP



Rudd brings 25 years of experience in a range of provider settings to his work on physician initiatives. He has focused on enterprise performance improvement, medical staff planning, financial analysis, physician alignment, compensation planning, acquisition and employment analysis, and FMV projects. Rudd has worked in academic medical centers and done extensive consulting with health system and community hospital clients.

Rudd’s experience includes:

  • Compensation evaluation and design
  • Valuation of entities and services
  • Specification and valuation of unique arrangements with physicians
  • Physician enterprise formation and evaluation
  • Design and management of partnering ventures
  • Balancing academic missions and cross-subsidy opportunities

He has worked extensively with physician leadership in medical centers, managing physician networks, practices, and departments in several academic medical centers and in different specialties.

Before joining Veralon, Rudd was a Director in the Weill Cornell Physician Network, where he recruited physicians; negotiated compensation and transition arrangements with prospective physicians; onboarded physicians; and coordinated business planning, space arrangements, and credentialing.

Prior to working at Weill Cornell, Rudd was a consultant in one of Veralon’s predecessor firms. Previously, he was Vice Chair for Administration in the Department of Psychiatry with Weill Cornell Medical College, a department with 180 paid faculty, where his responsibilities included compliance, staffing, practice, research and teaching concerns.

While at Continuum Health Partners health system, Rudd managed the centralized business planning and compensation evaluation functions in the Finance Department. Previously, at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Rudd was the administrator at an off-site dialysis center, staffed the Medical Board on ambulatory care issues, and served as special assistant to the senior vice president for clinical operations.

He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, an MPP from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, and a BA from Wesleyan University.


Pet's name: T-Jeff (Thomas Jefferson)
First job: Messenger at the New Yorker
Favorite food: Any of quality
Non-work related interest: Creating fun
Favorite travel destination: Anywhere with a great hiking trail
Favorite drink: Seltzer
Hobby/activity you enjoy: I cook extensively
Something you are passionate about: Creating a gathering
One bucket list item: Cutting a trail
Guilty pleasure: Being present
What I’d tell my 20 year-old self: Find your blindspot, especially those you inherited
Crave: Exercise
Book that made impact: Wonderful Life (Stephen Jay Gould)
Best dish you can prepare: I am blessed with several
First car: 1979(?) Toyota Corolla wagon
Nonprofit you support: Anything my close friends are involved with

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