Physician Practice Assessment

Physician Practice Assessment

Whether your hospital targets a physician practice for acquisition, or the practice seeks you out, you want a solid understanding of the potential opportunity. A physician practice assessment can help you determine whether you should enter serious discussions with the practice, what business arrangement options exist, and which would be best to pursue.

Veralon can help you determine whether a relationship is worth pursuing, and how.
We consider what the acquisition of the physician practice would bring to the hospital, potential side effects for other members of your medical staff, and the strategic importance of the practice for hospital services. We model what a practice will look like if taken over by the hospital, with employment of the physicians.

A Veralon physician practice assessment includes a site visit, meetings with the doctors and their staff, and evaluation of key productivity, quality, and financial indicators for the practice. We can simulate the financial impact of potential arrangements including the impact of a change in payer contracts on the practice. 

Based on the results of the assessment, we help you decide whether to pursue a relationship with the practice, and what options make sense given the objectives of the parties.