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“I was surprised by how helpful these modules were. The length and level of content were just right. I actually enjoyed them and am eager to do more.” — Charles W.

175+ courses made with trustees in mind

We offer courses in Governance, Finance, Mission & Strategy, Quality, and Technology & Innovation. Experience our 10-minute micro courses delivered directly to the desktop, tablet, or phone.

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Bring our experts into your boardroom

Our virtual expert experience digitally brings some of the most distinguished subject matter experts directly into your boardroom to addresses your hospital’s needs. Work with the our team to set up the expert, the topic, and facilitate your next VX event.

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Bite-sized learning, made short and sweet

We are all about impact. That’s why we developed a course strategy of 10 minute videos packed with 5 actionable takeaways.

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We crowdsource the experts best for you

Our subject matter expert list is growing. We source SMEs from all industries and every part of the country. Click the link below to see our featured list.

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We will design a learning package specifically for your organization

We have developed individual learning pathways (ILPs) that allow us to calendar courses for each learner to ensure that they can quickly access necessary courses for efficient completion.

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Enjoy a sneak peek of our courses

Our courses showcase some of the most distinguished subject matter experts. Take a quick peek at the excerpts from some of our courses and see if you recognize any faces.

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