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An Introduction to Cybersecurity

John Riggi explains the ins and outs of cybersecurity, including what threats hospitals and health systems face and the challenges COVID-19 has posed to cyber attack prevention.

Featuring: John Riggi

Doctor of the Future

In light of the pandemic, Dr. David Nash, founding Dean Emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, makes a case for the skills hospitals and health systems need to ensure that their medical staff must have in order to be well-equipped for our future.

Featuring: David Nash, MD, MBA

Hospital Board Governance Essentials

In part 1 of the Governance Essentials series, Pam Knecht reviews the board’s overarching role and explains each of the key fiduciary duties the board is responsible for upholding.

Featuring: Pam Knecht

Intro to Philanthropy

Bill Littlejohn, CEO and SVP of Sharp HealthCare Foundation, also known as the “grandfather of philanthropy,” peels back the layers of the all-encompassing term, “philanthropy” and discusses the role of the board member with respect to philanthropy in their organizations and communities.

Featuring: Bill Littlejohn, Jeffery Adler

Finance Essentials Part 1

In part 1 of the Finance Essentials series, Marian Jennings details what the board’s role is as the financial gatekeeper of a community asset.

Featuring: Marian Jennings

Social Determinants

In partnership with the American Hospital Association, Episode 1 of “Transformation Talks”: Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), focuses on the evolution of efforts to address SDOH and the opportunities we should be leveraging to improve these efforts.

Featuring: Ian Morrison, Nancy Myers & Ruben Amarasingham

Consequences of Negligent Credentialing and Privileging

In this interview-style segment, Todd Sagin discusses lessons learned from high-profile failures in physician credentialing, citing a compelling case study on “Dr. Death.”

Featuring: Todd Sagin, Jeffery Adler

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