Service Line Development and Business Planning

Service Line Development and Business Planning

New, innovative reimbursement models favor providers that deliver patient care across the full continuum of care, in the most appropriate, cost-effective setting. To achieve this, providers need to focus on programs and services that best fit their strategic imperatives, in which they can develop or maintain a strong market position and remain financially viable. 

Veralon’s service line development and business planning services can help your organization determine the size and setting components for each of your priority service lines, in order to maximize value. We can help you develop the physician alignment strategies needed to support each of those service lines, producing the greatest strategic value for your organization. 

Our services include:

Service Line Development / Business Planning

We help you understand the competitive position of your most important service lines. Then we examine strategic options for: 

  • Restructuring program components to make optimal use of inpatient, outpatient, and post-acute services
  • Collaborating with physicians to improve patient care and outcomes 
  • Planning for optimum use of facilities
  • Enhancing program performance in other ways

Veralon’s expertise in visioning, demand forecasting, financial feasibility studies, facilities planning, medical staff requirements, and other business planning disciplines will ensure that your strategically significant service lines are positioned for success.

Centers of Excellence/Institute Planning

A center of excellence or institute is a highly evolved form of service line development, providing distinguished patient care services within a particular discipline, often by integrating clinical care with teaching and research. These must be cohesive, distinctive programs that provide patients with the very best clinical care, rather than simply consumer-oriented marketing tools. It’s also critical that service lines chosen for this form of development do not overshadow other excellent service lines. 

Veralon can help educate organizations about the level of commitment and resources needed to create true centers of excellence and evaluate the benefits, risks, and resources needed to move forward with developing a center of excellence or institute. We can also help organizations identify other strategic options for developing a “star” service line. 

Physician Engagement

For service line development to succeed, physicians and health systems or hospitals must collaborate to deliver outstanding patient care and grow volumes and revenue in a collaborative manner. Collaboration in service line planning collaboration may also open the door to new physician-hospital alignment opportunities

At Veralon, we understand that the foundation of successful service line programs is creating a comprehensive service line strategy that unites all stakeholders around common objectives. We help hospitals and systems identify physician champions and other physician collaborators, determine meaningful ways to include physicians in the service line planning and implementation process, and evaluate options for more closely aligning with key physicians.

Facilitation and Execution of Complex Projects

Service line projects can require integration with patient care management initiatives, may be affected by value-based payment requirements, and may involve services at multiple facility locations. Facilitation support from outside experts may be needed to keep these projects on track and on schedule. Veralon’s senior-level consultants can serve as an objective sounding board and provide the expert resources needed to ensure that complicated projects stay focused and on budget.