Financial Feasibility and Modeling

Financial Feasibility and Modeling

Veralon performs complete and objective healthcare financial feasibility analysis based on sound market assessment.

Healthcare finance runs in cycles, and margins vary from razor-thin to just beyond break-even. Any project with a timeframe of four or more years needs to be planned with the certainty of “lean years” in mind.

Veralon can help you be as certain as possible of a project’s viability before allocating funds to make it real. Our healthcare system and hospital financial analysis capabilities include:

  • Market and financial feasibility studies to support facility renovation/replacement planning or decision-making
  • Transaction valuations
  • Financial projections for strategic and business plans
  • Financial modeling to support affiliation and merger decisions, and to project the post-transaction financial picture
  • Modeling the impact of value-based payment models

We do meticulous financially-based planning on all of our projects. The Veralon team has performed hundreds of healthcare financial feasibility and modeling assignments, including modeling service consolidation, service line development, diagnostic and physician practice revenues and expenses, “black box” repricing analyses and many others.

Veralon’s findings hold up to the scrutiny of regulators and other third parties–as well as your many internal and external constituencies. With Veralon, you will be confident that every aspect of your financial feasibility situation has been thoughtfully addressed.