Financial Impact

The recovery from COVID-19 and the successive ways that are anticipated to follow is to encompass 18 to 24 months with longer term financial recovery and return to “normal” taking, perhaps 3 years or more. What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for your financial position in the short and long term? We can provide preliminary and detailed financial forecasts to deliver the answers you need.

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Physician Compensation Impact

Existing physician compensation models were not designed for these times. No model anticipated the extreme demands, disruptions to non-emergency care, and safety issues caused by COVID-19. Veralon can support your organization in making temporary and, if appropriate, longer-term adjustments to your compensation plan in response to the exigencies of staffing for COVID and its aftermath.

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Clinical Change and Service Line Engagement

Whether your organization is currently overwhelmed by COVID-19, has yet to feel its strongest blow, or is starting to surface from the first wave, you will reach a point at which your service lines will need to start addressing the deferred healthcare needs of the chronically ill, and the emerging needs of other patients—while mitigation continues. Veralon offers services to prepare your service lines to re-engage, working with your team intensively, and remotely, at this time.

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Alignment Opportunities and Transactions

Physicians, both independent and employed, have had their lives and practices disrupted as COVID-19 surges through our communities. We will work with you to explore short-term opportunities and transactions arising out of this crisis that have a longer timeframe.

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Rapid Independence Assessments

Given the need for leaders to make rapid decisions, we are now offering an expedited analysis that focuses on the core evaluative criteria we use in our conventional, extended process, with consideration to the impact of COVID-19. This fast-turnaround approach will give your board and leadership team the information they need to help inform strategic decision making processes and future direction.

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COVID-19 Thought Leadership

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