Tech Check: 7 Items

Our team will walk you through the items below to make sure all of the technology is working. Don’t worry. We got this!


1. Zoom

We need to connect your camera and microphone to the Zoom software. Roll over the bottom of the Teams window to display the tool bar. Click the arrow next to the MIC and CAMERA to open the settings options. Set the speakers to your computer “Default”, the microphone to the “Yeti”, and the camera to the “Logitech C922”.

2. Web Cam

Please point directly at the camera lens to ensure that you are using the correct device. Please note, this lens is where you will be looking during the entire video shoot. Eye contact is super important!

3. Sound

Can you hear us? Can we hear you? Please tap on or blow into the microphone to ensure sound is being captured by the correct source. Please note: the “Gain” dial should be pointed north, the “Pattern” dial should point to the “O” and the the “Volume” dial should be pointed north.

4. Lighting

The light source should be in front of you and should splash across your face evenly. Natural lighting is best and can be used in conjunction with the ring light found in the studio kit.

5. Backdrop

The studio kit backdrop should fill up the visual space behind you. To accomplish this, you may need to pull the backdrop flush to the back of your chair. You may also need to adjust the top 3 arms to the same height and use the steamer to create a smooth and seamless backdrop.

6. Internet

For your video shoot, you will need a strong Internet connection. To test this speed, you can visit The goal is to have a minimum download speed of 30-50 Mbps.

7. Noise

Please turn off your phone, computer notifications, and any other items that could create noise during the shoot.

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