Jeffery Adler, JD

Director, V-BE



Jeffery is the former CEO of IPROTEAN, the virtual board education company recently acquired by Veralon. Under his visionary leadership over the five years from 2018-2023, Jeffery helped transform the fledgling startup into a nationally respected board governance solution. Since the recent acquisition, Jeffery was promoted to Managing Director of Veralon. With enhanced resources at his back, he and his team are single-minded in their commitment to help build better boards for Americas hospital and healthcare systems.

Jeffery graduated as valedictorian from the University of Maryland and was commencement speaker to the class of 1991. After earning a Juris Doctorate at Georgetown Law Center in 1994, Jeffery spent four years as retail consultant working internationally throughout Southeast Asia, Israel, and Central America. He later went on to develop a quick-serve beverage chain called Dlush. The retail upstart became popular for its hipster drinks with a socially conscious twist. Stores opened in San Diego, Hollywood, and overseas in Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Jeffery enjoys participating as speaker-moderator at healthcare conferences across the States including with the American Hospital Association and at several state hospital association summits. Jeffery is recognized in San Diego for fostering entrepreneurship and social innovation at universities and the broader startup community. He has participated in two TEDx Talks and is featured in several national publications for his work in helping build mission-driven enterprises.


Go-to pasttime: Speed chess
What I'd tell my 20 year-old self: Stay humble
Crave: Cookies & Milk
Book that made an impact: The Giving Tree
Favorite movie: Rocky

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