• Invest for success in MIPS? Or accept downside risk in an advanced APM?

    Financial modeling is key to decisions under MACRA’s Quality Payment Program.
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When your organization has a pressing problem and you’re not sure where to start, reach out to one of our senior level healthcare consultants. Call Dayana Rapoport at (877) 676-3600 and she’ll get you connected with the expert you need.

Transformative Healthcare Consulting
Veralon consultants are trusted advisors to healthcare leaders, partnering with those leaders to achieve success for their organizations and to transform the healthcare industry. We offer the expertise and thought leadership of the nation’s leading healthcare strategy firm, combined with outstanding valuation skills and financial capabilities in fully implementing planning recommendations.

loudspeakerOur management team averages more than 25 years of healthcare consulting and operations experience, so we can attack problems requiring senior level intuition and expertise.

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