Margot Berg, MHA



Margot has assisted Veralon clients with projects including valuation, physician compensation design and implementation, financial modeling, strategic planning, and due diligence.

Her experience includes:

  • Post-merger medical group integration;
  • Academic medical center funds flow model development;
  • Ambulatory surgical center financial projections; and
  • Assessment of the regulatory interactions between a CIN and its primary member health system.

Prior to her work with Veralon, Margot had experience in risk and quality management with New York City Health+Hospitals, and worked with Cerner in implementing a patient portal at New York Presbyterian’s Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

Margot holds a Master of Health Administration (MHA) from the Sloan Program in Health Administration, Cornell University, with a concentration in Finance, and a BS in Operations Research & Information Engineering from Cornell University. She is proficient in Russian.


Favorite travel destination: Cinque Terre
Hobby/Activity you enjoy: Olympic Weightlifting
Best dish you can prepare: Takeout
First car: 2009 VW Jetta
Guilty pleasure: Mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sprinkles in a sugar cone
Most used app: Spotify
Favorite movie: Brittany Runs A Marathon
Pet’s name: Josie (IG: @little_josie_girl)
Favorite band: Pink Floyd
Favorite book: The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot, by Marianne Cronin
Something you are passionate about: Incarcerated education
Bucket list item: Eiffel tower picnic
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTJ

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