Amanda Brown, MHA



Amanda assists Veralon clients with the evaluation and management of value-based payment models, as well as physician compensation, financial analysis, and modeling. Her clients have included health systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, ACOs, and CINs.

Amanda’s experience includes:

  • Identifying performance improvement opportunities for Medicare ACOs, Commercial ACOs, and BPCI programs using claims-based data analytics
  • Evaluating which value-based payment model is likely to provide financial opportunity, assisting clients in monitoring ongoing performance in programs, and selecting skilled nursing facility partners to include in a post-acute care network
  • Strategic, business, and financial planning for a large DSRIP Pay for Performance five-year plan, followed by implementation and project management for several of the DSRIP projects
  • Financial projections for the possible acquisition of a medical center by a health plan
  • Developing and providing FMV opinions for physician compensation arrangements and plans
  • Designing and opining on financial incentives paid to physicians under value-based payment plans


Amanda frequently speaks at regional conferences and has published in national journals.

She holds a Master of Health Administration from the Sloan Program at Cornell University. She also received a BS in Biometry and Statistics from Cornell University with a minor in Applied Economics and Management.


Favorite Quote: “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” – Pablo Picasso
Pet's name: Olive (aka @little_olive_pit)
First job: Target cashier
Favorite food: Ice cream
Hobby/activity you enjoy: Marathoning
Go-to pastime/hobby/non work related activity you enjoy: Hanging out with my dog
Most used app: Spotify
Myers-briggs personality type: INFJ-T
Nonprofit you support:

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