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The Veralon Views blog is an extension of our partnership with leaders who are transforming the healthcare industry. Here, we share expert perspectives from our nationally recognized senior consulting team on issues that are key to the success of your organization.

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To Merge or Not to Merge: Informing the Conversation

“Everyone in the industry is merging. We should be too.” “We’ve always been independent, and we should stay that way.” Independent hospitals continue to merge or affiliate with other hospitals… READ MORE

Checklist: Discussing Onboarding Issues Before Closing a Physician Practice Acquisition

Many of the reasons why physician practice acquisitions come apart after the deals are finalized fall under the category of “operational incompatibility.” Too often, the team that negotiates the deal… READ MORE

Tips for Successfully Handling Physician Compensation During Practice Acquisition

Compensation is often a make-or-break deal point in a hospital’s acquisition of a physician practice. Prospective physician employees will naturally compare what they will earn post-acquisition to what they currently… READ MORE

A Successful Practice Acquisition Begins with Due Diligence

It’s tempting to short-change the due diligence process when acquiring a physician practice. In the heat of a deal, hospital leaders are understandably most interested in determining fair market value… READ MORE

Finding a Partner with the Right Cultural Fit: 4 Strategies

Open PDF file > It’s healthcare’s version of dating: sizing up another organization for a potential partnership or merger. Seventy-one percent of healthcare leaders expect their organization’s merger, acquisition, or… READ MORE

6 Big Changes in Proposed ACO Regulations

On August 9, 2018, CMS issued new proposed regulations for MSSP ACOs that, if finalized, will result in far-reaching changes in the program. The motivation for the proposed changes, which… READ MORE

MSSP 2017 Performance Year Results and Pathways to Success: Implications for Track 1 ACOs

Performance results were recently released for the 5th year of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). These results show that a small but growing proportion of ACOs continue to earn… READ MORE

Putting Employed Physicians in the Driver’s Seat

As hospitals and health systems build their employed medical practices, a large emphasis is often put on compensation arrangements, and little attention is paid to engaging physicians in the successful… READ MORE

Involved in Value-Based Payment? Meet Quanto

Veralon’s health system clients have achieved significant savings using Quanto to identify value-based improvement targets and provide the financial management reports to manage to those targets; client savings have varied… READ MORE

Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions: Planning for Realistic and Achievable Results

A high volume of mergers and acquisitions between and among hospitals and health systems continue to dominate the healthcare landscape, with an increasing number of transactions anticipated in 2018.1 The… READ MORE