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The Veralon Views blog is an extension of our partnership with leaders who are transforming the healthcare industry. Here, we share expert perspectives from our nationally recognized senior consulting team on issues that are key to the success of your organization.

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Launching a Community Oncology Center: 5 Key Considerations

Oncology is migrating from hospital settings to community-based centers due to rapid evolution in diagnostics and treatment for cancer care, innovation through genomics and predictive analytics, and the continuing shift… READ MORE

Coordinated Medical Staff Development Planning for Large Health Systems

Medical staff development planning requires analytic rigor and detailed work. There is no way around it; a multi-hospital health system needs to determine the needs of each of its individual… READ MORE

Determining Physician Compensation for Administrative Services: The Role of Market Data

Although a determination of fair market value (FMV) depends on the relevant facts and circumstances related to a particular arrangement, reasonable compensation is generally defined as the level of compensation… READ MORE

Evaluating the Financial Performance of Your Employed Physician Enterprise: Going Beyond Physician Losses

If your employed physician enterprise is like most, you are experiencing calculated losses of $100,000 to $200,000 per physician, and the losses are likely increasingly intolerable. The figures for physician… READ MORE

BPCI Advanced: Apply Now,
Decide Later

CMS has opened applications for a second cohort of BPCI Advanced (Bundled Payment for Care Improvement-Advanced) participants in April. This initial application step gets you valuable data, and time to… READ MORE

Top 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Claims Analysis Capabilities

Supercharging claims analysis capabilities empowers healthcare organizations to zero in on opportunities to improve care and reduce costs. The most successful organizations typically elevate their performance under value-based contracts by… READ MORE

Advanced Practice Clinicians in Medical Staff Planning: Four Factors to Consider

The growth and aging of the U.S. population will significantly increase the demand for medical care over the coming decade. At the same time, the supply of physician services is… READ MORE

5 Strategies for Strengthening Physician Alignment

There are signs that hospitals’ interest in employing physicians or owning physician practices may be waning—yet the need to align physicians with hospital strategy is perhaps greater than ever. American… READ MORE

Evaluating a Partner Pre-LOI: 4 Things to Consider

Seventy-one percent of healthcare leaders expect merger and acquisition (M&A), and other partnership activity to increase over the next three years, according to a HealthLeaders survey. But as hospitals explore… READ MORE

ACO Pathways to Success: Final Rule Softens Impact

CMS published its final rule, the “Pathways to Success” for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, in December 2018. CMS’ overall goal is clear and unchanged from the proposed rule: to… READ MORE