Focus on Three Levers to Urgently Address Leakage

by Lynda Mischel, Principal
and Rudd Kierstead, Principal

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Among the many unexpected effects of COVID-19 is the loss of the “normal” patient population coming through physician offices to address their health concerns and seeking procedures. This lost volume has heightened the urgency to effectively address “leakage.” Research indicates that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than […]

Physician Enterprise Optimization

by Rudd Kierstead, Principal
and Robert F. Hill, Jr., Principal

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Prior to the pandemic, we learned something quite surprising.  In a Veralon survey, only 42% of respondents viewed the financial losses on employed physician enterprises as “unacceptable” or a “major priority.” Perhaps “surprising” is too tame a description.  We were “shocked.”  At the time of our survey, the level of losses typically varied between $150,000-$200,000 […]

3 Ways to Build Relationships with Independent Physicians Now

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It is the opportune time to build relationships with independent physicians. As always, one answer does not fit all so leadership needs to assess each individual physician and the appropriate models with care and attention. After more than two months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation for many independent practices remains shaky. Practices are struggling […]

Address “Sacred Cows” to Get Past COVID-19 Shock

by Mark J. Dubow, Director
and John Harris, Director

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Every organization has sacred cows. The financial challenge from COVID-19 calls for large scale improvements. This has emboldened our clients to address sacred cows, making tough changes that were unthinkable a few months ago.  The time to act is now! Sacred cows to consider include: Underperforming Assets: Every organization has some assets that perform significantly […]

Physician Engagement in Employed Physician Enterprises: Going Deeper

by Rudd Kierstead, Principal

You want to reduce physician subsidies in your employed physician enterprise, and you have numerous initiatives to increase physician engagement under way. What matters, however, is not the number of physician engagement efforts, but how thoroughly they engage physicians in operations at the ground level. Veralon recently surveyed leadership at 30 physician enterprises with 11,000 […]

Moving Beyond Large Group Practice Acquisition to Successful Operation

by Robert Hill & Meredith Inniger
Strategies & Solutions

Larger physician practices, both primary care and specialists, are increasingly the focus of hospital and health system acquisition efforts. If a large practice is not affiliated with the buying organization, or if it refers a relatively small percentage of their clinical business to them, acquisition of the practice can generate significant incremental volume and improve […]