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Top 7 Methods to Improve the Financials of Your Physician Enterprise: Optimizing Performance and Strategic Value


Healthcare organizations often look at reports of “losses” per owned physician practice and forget that their original rationale for acquiring the practices was strategic, not financial. Yet at the same time they are concerned about losses, many hospitals and health systems give little consideration to how the performance of the physician enterprise could be strengthened. With some attention, there is often significant opportunity to improve that performance.

This presentation will address the questions that management and board members should be asking about their owned practices, in relation to compensation models, quality of care, referrals, operations, and fee schedules, among others, and how they can respond to the answers they find.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • How to properly evaluate key aspects of practice performance
  • Approaches to strengthening each key aspect of performance
  • Ways to increase the strategic value of the physician enterprise
  • Including how to make MIPS work for your physician enterprise