Physician Enterprise Performance Improvement

Physician Enterprise Performance Improvement

Hospitals and health systems have grown their physician enterprises largely through acquisition. Many are now quite large, but the patchwork process by which the enterprise has developed frequently results in inconsistent performance.

Veralon can work with you to improve performance in your physician enterprise–from compensation to quality to operations.

Veralon will assess current status in each area, and make recommendations for improved physician enterprise performance in relation to:

  • Physician compensation design, including quality incentives
  • Quality of care and clinical integration
  • Physician alignment with clinical integration initiatives
  • Governance transformation—engaging physicians to achieve meaningful leadership and change
  • Organizational design
  • Preparing for / supporting the transition to value-based care
  • Revenue optimization
  • Office operations

We will conduct this work using quantitative analysis, process analysis and group facilitation, as well as our knowledge of and experience with traditional and emerging models in each aspect of the physician enterprise.