Anatomy of a Deal Series No. 2:
Thinking Strategically About the RFP Response

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
and Scott Stuecher, Manager

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The search for a partner typically begins with a request for proposals (RFP). It’s a process designed to solicit interest from other organizations and narrow the field to two to three candidates that could prove to be a good fit. For health systems that respond to an RFP from an independent hospital, the goal is […]

Are You Developing Financial Projections?

by Daniel M. Grauman,, Managing Director & CEO
and Jessica Stack, Senior Manager

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Are you developing financial projections for business planning or an upcoming valuation?  During COVID-19, each organization was uniquely impacted by management decisions, state and local policy, and specialty-specific challenges or opportunities, etc. Normalizing financials moving forward should proceed with these considerations. Click here to view how various factors impact these projections.

Anatomy of a Deal Series No. 1:
Anatomy of a Deal: Why 2021 Could Present Interesting Opportunities for Acquisitions

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
Scott Stuecher, Manager

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The road through COVID-19 likely will be uneven for not-for-profit systems, with factors such as geography, cash position, unemployment and soft demand for services all playing a role. But for some systems, year two of the pandemic could also prove to be the right time for growth. In our “Anatomy of a Deal” series, we’ll […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 6: Hospital M&A: Is This a Fair Deal? What to Consider

by Daniel Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
and Kevin Cope, Manager

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Board members of not-for-profit community hospitals face enormous pressure to protect their community’s access to care. Even when the economic reasons for hospital mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are compelling, the decision to give up control to another system cannot be made based on purchase price alone. It’s just one reason why not-for-profit board members must […]

4 Due Diligence Considerations in the COVID Era

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO
Robert F. Hill, Jr., Principal

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The health care industry continues to consolidate at a rapid pace.  Although the pandemic has delayed the implementation of some transactions and even compelled some organizations to cancel plans to merge or affiliate, others that would not likely have sought out affiliation options are now doing so. Under normal circumstances, key due diligence considerations pertaining […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 5: Hospital M&A During COVID-19: 3 Considerations in Determining the Right Affiliation Model

by Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO

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Hospital mergers and acquisitions (M&A) slowed down during the pandemic, with M&A volume declining each quarter and sinking to a 10-year low as management teams focused on the immediate operational priorities of the pandemic. Now, as the initial shock of the pandemic wears off, leaders who were leaning toward partnership before the pandemic are left […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 4: Finding the Right Partner During COVID-19: 3 Considerations for Hospitals

by Scott Stuecher, Manager

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As hospitals rethink their approach to care delivery during the pandemic, many also are weighing whether partnership is needed. Now is a good time for leaders to consider: What would make an ideal partner? Even as hospitals face extreme financial pressure following COVID-19, some independents are finding that their financial standing may not be as […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 3: How Does Your Independent Hospital Stack Up? Conducting a Self-Analysis

by J. David Robeson III, Principal

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As hospital revenue shrivels amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time for independent hospitals to look in the mirror to determine how they stack up. Conducting a self-assessment isn’t just a useful approach for evaluating your organization’s capacity to survive the financial turmoil wrought by the pandemic. It’s also critical for recognizing what your organization brings […]

Hospital M&A Series Part 2: Can Your Hospital Maintain Independence? 5 Financial Questions to Explore

by David Robeson, Principal
Daniel M. Grauman, Managing Director & CEO

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When it comes to developing a financial recovery plan for COVID-19, independent hospitals face more of an uphill climb than other hospitals. With 40 percent of hospitals reporting their revenue had been cut in half during the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic alone—and 55 percent reporting they had less than six months of days […]